Board of Advisers

Strategic Focus

Band Of Hands has been created with a vast degree of knowledge and expertise in both the Startup and Corporate world. We know that in order to be an on-going trusted staffing resource for thousands of businesses and workers, we must be influenced by accomplished experts that offer innovative advice and dynamic perspectives. Our Corporate Advisors have provided strategic direction since the inception of Band Of Hands in November 2014. They have helped guide quality improvements and effective solutions that is truly revolutionizing the staffing industry.

Our Advisors

Paul Falcone

Human Resources Exec

Neal Bloom

Ecosystem & Company Builder

Terry Moore

Venture Capitalist

Cole Williamson

Human Resources Pro

Armando Sanders Fabre

International Advisor

Rachelle Snook

Global Talent Director

Craig Thueson

Tech Sales Executive

Amy Chang

Workforce Solutions Expert

Dr. Walter Navratil

International Business Finance Expert